Wise Corner

Positive Declarations and Attitude Create your Reality.

The world is awash with a negativity that seems to affect almost everything we do. Imagine you wake up for business Monday morning and you expect business to be low. Your expectations as some psychologists say become a self-fulfilling prophecy and what you expect becomes a reality.

“In plain English, and you know the Business Dictionary is good at that, a selffulfilling prophecy is any positive or negative expectation about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a person’s behavior toward them in a manner that causes those expectations to be fulfilled.”


Merton’s concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy stems from the Thomas theorem, which states that “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences”. According to Thomas, people react not only to the situations they are in, but also, and often primarily, to the way they perceive the situations and to the meaning they assign to these perceptions. Therefore, their behaviour is determined in part by their perception and the meaning they ascribe to the situations they are in, rather than by the situations themselves. Once people convince themselves that a situation really has a certain meaning, regardless of whether it actually does, they will take very real actions in consequence.

This means that we can also project positive expectations about circumstances, events or people and they can also become our reality. Being of positive outlook opens up a flow of positive ideas, solutions and creative ways of looking and doing things, that’s ends up making everything become better.

6db8e73cad50eecc848257603285a67d“Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars.” Be the person that sees the stars, the brightness and the dawn of a new day in every circumstance of your life. You can define you situations, events or people and you can by God’s help make them become as you wish. What a man can conceive, he can also achieve.

You can change your business for the better by adopting a positive mental attitude.

Wake up every morning affirming that you are strong, full of abundance, gratitude and joy. And your affirmations will become a self-fulfilling prophecy because only you and you only possess the key to your true happiness.